August 11, 2018

NEW WINDSOR – Republican state attorney general candidate Keith Wofford, a Manhattan attorney, made his first campaign stop outside New York City on Friday with a visit to the New Windsor Town Hall complex.

The political newcomer, originally from Buffalo, in a predominantly Democratic state and heavily Democratic Big Apple, views his status as a plus.

“The office of attorney general is one where voters historically have, whether they have one party background or the other, voters have wanted someone who is independent and who had the expertise and experience with the law and who would have proper judgment and balance and call balls and strikes. So partisanship is far, far down the list of things that voters want and expect from their attorney general.”

Wofford will run against whoever wins the Democratic primary next month, a race that includes Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney.

As attorney general, Wofford said he would fight to get corruption under control.