September 11, 2018

The Sun Community News & Printing 

Keith Wofford, Republican and Conservative Party candidate for attorney general, touched down in Plattsburgh on Friday.

He isn’t concerned that all of the oxygen may be sucked out of the general election contest as four Democratic candidates head towards the conclusion of their hard-fought primary contest on Sept. 13.

“Voters and taxpayers and business people are focused on a real alternative,” Wofford told The Sun. “They want experience paired with independence.”

Wofford currently works as co-managing partner of Ropes & Gray, New York City law firm.

He touted his humble origins, born and raised in what he described as a “tough working class neighborhood” in Buffalo, where his father worked at a Chevy plant.

Wofford said decades of work in the private sector has prepared him for the state’s top law enforcement job because he’s used to working for tough clients who expect results.

The state, he said, is at a crossroads. Like the Democratic field, he assailed the state’s culture of corruption and promised to reign bad actors into control.

And while some national policies may be bad for New Yorkers, Wofford indicated he would ease up on using the office as a bulwark against the Trump administration, where Attorney General Barbara Underwood and her predecessor, Eric Schneiderman, have filed a flurry of legal challenges against the federal government on everything from rollbacks of car emissions to formal lawsuits against the administration’s family separation policy at the southern border.

The office’s main job is to “support and protect the taxpayers of this state,” Wofford said — not as cudgel to attack the federal government on areas of political disagreement.

“It’s a lawsuit a week or a lawsuit a day in an election year,” Wofford said. “I find it difficult to believe every case is a beneficial use of time and taxpayer resources.”