September 21, 2018

News 10 ABC

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Leticia James won the Democratic Attorney General primary in a tight race and will now face Keith Wofford, the Republican’s pick for attorney general.

“What really matters to New Yorkers is getting our own house in order. That will be my first priority,” Wofford said.

The Buffalo native, Keith Wofford, says if elected, the first thing he will tackle is rooting out corruption on the state and local level.

“I’m going to be focused on our biggest problems, which is a government that has been failing us by not doing what they are supposed to be doing with our money.”

Unlike many of the other attorney general candidates that have said they will help keep the federal administration in line, Wofford has been vocal about his support of President Trump. He says he is the unique option since he is not a “career politician.”

“They’re not going to have the ability or inclination to kick over chairs and do what needs to be done among their fellow politicians in order to do what the taxpayers need done.”

This is the first time Wofford has run for office and so far has little name recognition.

On Monday, he launched a $3.2 million TV ad campaign that will air statewide. This could help him as he faces the Democratic candidate Letitia James, who had to spend quite a bit of money in the tight primary race.

With the large turn-out seen in Democratic voters for the primary, it is still a tough road ahead for Wofford.

“I’m going to be attorney general for all New Yorkers, rich and poor, upstate, downstate, black and white, Democrat and Republican.”

Wofford is the first African American to receive the state’s Republican nomination for attorney general.

Also for the first time in New York, whoever wins, Wofford or James, will make history as the first African American to be Attorney General in the state.