Meet Keith

Keith WoffordMy name is Keith Wofford, and I am running for New York State Attorney General. Let me tell you why I’m running — and why my winning this office will make a difference in the lives of New Yorkers.

The opportunities that existed for me and my brother growing up upstate are disappearing. And the Attorney General has the power to make that situation better, or worse. The last twelve years have made it worse. When elected, I will make it better.

I grew up in Buffalo, in a working-class neighborhood a few blocks from factories (some now closed) and freight railroad tracks. I did not come from privilege, to put it mildly. My dad worked the early shift at a Chevy plant near Buffalo for 32 years; my mom graduated from high school at the top of her class and worked retail jobs while taking care of my brother and me. They taught us that education and hard work were the keys to success. Things worked out for my brother John and me. John graduated college and became an Army officer and I went to Harvard College on scholarship and then Harvard Law School.

I moved to New York after law school and, with hard work and diligence, built a law practice where clients ask me to recover money from companies that refuse to repay their debts. Over the past 25 years I have recovered billions from these companies. Clients hire our team because we get results. I want to bring that experience to help New Yorkers.

New York has two big problems. The first problem is that government is corrupt. That corruption costs New Yorkers jobs and opportunities. Dozens of officials have been indicted, and the indictments barely scratch the surface of what goes on at our expense.

The second problem is that the business environment here is horrible— and the Attorney General has been a big part of that problem. Recent AGs have twisted New York’s laws, strong-armed companies to settle flimsy lawsuits, and used New York companies as a piggy bank. This has driven away jobs and investment. And the cost falls upon ALL New Yorkers, who are denied jobs and opportunity — because businesses refuse to invest here, or simply leave.

It is time we had a professional, independent Attorney General with real experience — instead of machine politicians trying to move up to the next job. I am looking forward to bringing relief to the long-suffering taxpayers and businesses of New York. With your help, we will win in November.