Economic Growth & Jobs

It is obvious that our state is headed in the wrong direction. We pay some of the highest taxes in the nation and, if the ultra-liberal politicians and special interest groups have their way, we will pay even more. In addition, undue regulations and bureaucratic red-tape make it almost impossible to expand businesses and create new jobs. The career politicians are strangling our economy—causing people and jobs to flee New York State at a record pace. To unlock the greatness of our state, we need a government that spends money honestly, and wisely—and supports policies that make New York a place for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. In some of New York’s most underserved communities, I have seen talent that equals or exceeds that which I saw at Harvard. To create jobs and grow our economy, we need to energize that talent and give them the opportunity to succeed.


The Corruption Tax

Corruption is costing us a fortune in New York State, we have grown accustomed to political scandals. Too accustomed, in my view, bid-rigging, bribes, backroom deals, and pay-to-play schemes have become the new normal. Voters understand that these problems come from a political class that has no accountability, and no fear. As Attorney General, my top priority will be to tackle the political corruption that has plagued our government for too long. I will go after public corruption, fight back against the lousy contracts, and bring charges against those who violate the public trust, regardless of their title. We can no longer afford to elect career politicians who will only use their office to further their own political ambitions rather than serve the interests of the people of this great state.

Click here to read Keith’s plan to tackle corruption.


Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is not, and should not be, a partisan political issue. The number of families affected by the opioid epidemic has exponentially increased in New York over the past few years. This epidemic is destroying lives, and the families around those suffering from addiction. We need to provide more resources to help our citizens overcome this terrible scourge. They need treatment facilities and counseling. They also need the proper education to avoid these drugs in the first place. With the laws currently on the books, the Office of Attorney General and local law enforcement agencies must stay vigilant against drug dealers and gangs; but enforcing the laws is not enough. As New York State Attorney General, I will investigate the distribution and manufacturing of illicit opioids with local district attorneys, and engage the community in prevention and recovery efforts. One of our priorities will be to chase the “supervillains” — the manufacturers, if any, who knew what they were doing, and the major dealers who put out a product that makes drug use a nearly guaranteed fatal situation.